First Brad Pitt, Now Kanye West


“I really do believe that the world can be saved through design, and everything needs to actually be “architected.”

Says Kanye West, on a visit to Harvard’s Graduate School of Design


Bucky Fuller, Design, and Mapping

Following in Bucky Fuller’s innovative footsteps, designers participate in an interdisciplinary project that maps world population growth and density into the future.  This is an interesting sort of role for a designer, in keeping with tomorrow’s discussion on new directions for social reform post Pruitt-Igoe.Bio City Map preparations


Brad Pitt Again: Preservation and Low-Income Housing

Make It Right's Bancroft School Apartments (credit: C. Jackson).

Coming full circle from the beginning of the semester, let’s consider Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation.  In Kansas City the group is turning to preservation of existing buildings to create low income housing, rather than building from scratch. This is a greener solution, and one that preserves the landscape and a beautiful building.  Very different than the examples we saw from the Progressive Era or even Pruitt-Igoe.


Architecture and/or Capitalism

Peggy Deamer, a professor at the Yale School of Architecture, has just come out with a book of this title.  It addresses many of the issues we have confronted this semester, particularly the role of architecture as a social reform tool within a capitalist society. This links to a discussion about the book.  Take a look, especially Sean.  There is some discussion of the aesthetics of architecture vs. the politics of it.