Brad Pitt Again: Preservation and Low-Income Housing

Brad Pitt Again: Preservation and Low-Income Housing

Make It Right's Bancroft School Apartments (credit: C. Jackson).

Coming full circle from the beginning of the semester, let’s consider Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation.  In Kansas City the group is turning to preservation of existing buildings to create low income housing, rather than building from scratch. This is a greener solution, and one that preserves the landscape and a beautiful building.  Very different than the examples we saw from the Progressive Era or even Pruitt-Igoe.


3 thoughts on “Brad Pitt Again: Preservation and Low-Income Housing

  1. There seems to be potential for this projects success, unlike past public housing efforts such as Pruitt-Igoe, where the city planners were way too ambitious, had a racist agenda, imposed brainless policies and blamed the projects failure on to the residents, Brad Pitts project has better planning. First of all he has a personal investment, being that he is from Missouri, rather than a monetary one. The building is not too big to keep up maintenance, thought went into sustainability and affordability by using natural resources, and the residents will range in gender, and race. Hopefully, this effort creates a place where a community can grow and evolve. As long as the policies and rules imposed on residents are kept to a minimum I think it could influence projects in other cities with a positive outcome.

  2. I agree with Julie, that this really seems to have good potential. The article is very clear about the source of the materials used (“donated by..”) and other information that clearly shows forethought. This information would of course not be included in the article, but I am wondering how much they charge for rent? How they decide who fits the criteria for this type of housing?

  3. Beautiful apartment spaces and I love that they are preserving buildings to be repurposed! But, like Jennie, I wonder, how do they decide who meets the criteria to be housed here? Pruitt-Igoe had good intentions too, setting the criteria for their housing that tenants had to be low-income families without a male bread-winner…I really think this was well-meaning in that they were trying to provide assistance for people with this problem; however, this got twisted to mean that if some families were going to meet that criteria, they had to create that fatherless home situation. Will the criteria for Pitt’s housing complex one day deteriorate to the point that it is abandoned by all but the most desperate, just like Pruitt-Igoe was? My Pecha Kucha presentation tomorrow will attempt to illustrate a possible solution to that problem right here in Denton.

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